ACCJC Under Fire


City attorneys accused ACCJC President Barbara Beno of unfairly modifying CCSF’s accreditation evaluation. According to attorneys, Beno wrote edits onto the accreditation draft report that toughened sanctions against CCSF which led toward the college’s closure. Under the commissions bylaws, Beno was not allowed to make edits. The key point here is that the commission unfairly conducted their process that could displace up to 79,000 students. Deputy City Attorney Ronald Flynn solidified the team’s draft report found the college to comply with certain accrediting standards, but the final report said they did not. Flynn showed that ACCJC didn’t provide City College with due process.

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Update: Attention Dept. Chairs re: Part-Time Faculty Evaluations & SLOs

(11/19/13 original publication – 10/15/14 update)

Agreement Between the District and CFE

As you know, we began evaluating Full-Time Faculty on SLOs beginning Fall 2013 on the Administrative Evaluation Form. Beginning with the start of Spring 2014, we began to evaluate Part-Time Faculty on SLOs. Both of these systems are temporary until the next contract is ratified between CFE and the District, which will include updated forms for this purpose.

We ask Deans and Department Chairs, when evaluating Part-Time Faculty, to indicate under “Additional comments by evaluator(s)” the evaluatee’s answers to the following two multiple-choice questions:

Are SLOs on your syllabus (syllabi)?
A. Yes
B. No
C. I didn’t know I was supposed to do that.

Do your assignments contribute to SLO(s) achievement?
A. Yes
B. No
C. I didn’t know I was supposed to do that.

You may ask these questions via email or phone when you set up your observation session with the evaluatee, or in person before or after your observation… whichever works best for you.

If, due to the number of Part-Time Faculty evaluations you have to do you are unable to do this step with all of them, it’s OK. We are seeking as much compliance as you can provide and appreciate your help with this intermediary step prior to the implementation of our next contract.

If you have questions, please contact Bob Fey or Gregg Carr if you are faculty member and James Andrews if you are a manager.

Vacant VP Positions on CFE E-Board

We’re looking to add more Vice Presidents to our Executive Board.

The following positions are currently vacant:

Part-time Faculty VP from GWC

Part-time Faculty VP from OCC

Part-time Faculty VP from CCC


Please call our office with your interest to serve (714) 432-5037. Thank you.

Get Involved With CFE This Semester!


Below are brief descriptions of union committees. The meeting days and times of these committees will be determined by the committee members.

Division/Site Representatives – Help distribute information to mail boxes and set up small meetings at a specific site or with a specific group of faculty.

Elections – Help distribute nomination forms and ballots for officer and convention delegate elections and tabulate results.

Labor Education – Develop and participate in labor education activities, including brief presentations to classes and distribution of labor information.

Membership – Help with member meetings and distribution of member information.

Negotiation Support – Research (through internet and member survey/meetings) topics being negotiated.

Newsletter/Communications –Write articles for web site and special newsletter updates.

Part Time Issues – Provide interaction on part time faculty issues to CFE Executive Committee.

Please email or stop by our office in the Faculty House at OCC to let us know about your interest.


Paycheck Errors – More Common Than You Think!


(8/12/14) Members tell us that they often find errors in their paycheck when they go online each month and pull their paystub from the Employee tab at your college’s MYSITE website.  Do you check your paycheck each month?  Recently a member found the District had accidentally shorted him $2,732 on his summer pay.  If you find an error, contact your college’s HR representative immediately.

Health Benefits – Change The Way You Choose Your Plan Via “Open Enrollment”

health logo

(8/12/14) Your benefits plans remain unchanged for 2014-15.  However, if you want to move among our plans (PPO, Kaiser, and United HealthCare), the way you do that this year has changed.   Open Enrollment is August 1-September 3, 2014. If you want to stay with the plan you have, as before, there is no need to do anything.  But if you wish to change, the packet previously mailed to your home is, instead, available online via your college MYSITE website.  After you log into the website, you’ll find the Benefits & Deductions link at the EMPLOYEE tab.

Summer Pay Cut For All Lab Faculty Teaching This Summer

dollar cut

(8/12/14) If you taught this summer, did your summer paycheck seem smaller than usual?  Here is the latest anti-employee action by the Coast District.  In  Summer Session 2013 and Winter Intersession 2014, GWC lab faculty received a 16-25% pay cut… the equivalent of 100% minus your loading factor. This summer, the pay cut is being expanded to lab faculty at all three colleges.  CFE filed a grievance on behalf of all affected members, which the District has rejected.  CFE will be filing an unfair labor practice charge with the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) regarding this unilateral change in compensation.  The District thinks this is related to Brightman (see article, “PERB Case Regarding Brightman Formula Still Unresolved”), but CFE disagrees, since Brightman affects overload only and summer compensation is not considered as overload.

If you are a lab faculty member who taught this summer and you would like to know our estimate of how much your paycheck was cut, call our office at (714) 432-5037.

PERB Case Regarding Brightman Formula Still Unresolved


(8/12/14) The Brightman Formula affects the pay of lab faculty during the fall and spring terms.  Last year CFE filed a complaint regarding the District’s pay cut for lab faculty when management unilaterally stopped using the Brightman Formula after more than two decades.  The complaint was accepted by the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) and CFE attended an informal hearing with a PERB mediator and the District last fall.  The matter was not resolved, and PERB is looking for two full days for a formal hearing where PERB, the District, and CFE are all available.   CFE has submitted its availability, will notify you when the hearing is set, and keep you informed as to the progress regarding the resolution of this matter.

Current Updates from Negotiations


(8/12/14) Where is our COLA?

Your negotiating team has been working for months to get you the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) to salaries that we have previously negotiated in our contract.   CFE even pursued the grievance and arbitration process, but management has refused to comply and issue the additional compensation due to CFE faculty.  After more than six hours of negotiations on August 7 & 8, CFE secured for all faculty employed as of July 1, 2013 (over a year ago) retroactive 1.57% COLA increase to all compensation you received last year, plus 0.85% COLA increase effective July 1, 2014.  It will take some time to prepare new salary schedules, etc., but these will be posted on our website as soon as they are ready.  The District will keep us posted as to when your ongoing paychecks will be adjusted and corrected, and when they will be able to send out the retroactive checks for last year.  It will likely take a month or two. We will provide you with that information as soon as it is available.   Note that the agreement to provide COLA does not limit CFE’s ability to negotiate additional compensation on the salary schedule, or for specific assignments, such as Department Chair compensation, etc.  Successor contract negotiations continue on September 12, 2014.  Marilyn Kennedy (OCC English), a current member of the CFE negotiation team, is CFE’s new Chief Negotiator effective August 25, 2014. 

(4/24/14)  At our negotiation session on April 4, we were expecting to hear the District’s money offer as planned for months, but were told that would be delayed until April 18.  They also asked if we would be interested in closing the contract where it is right now and then continue on to negotiate the remaining items.  There are advantages to having an unexpired contract in place.  We replied we would consider it after we heard the District’s fiscal report on April 18.  Meanwhile, we negotiated improved language for both Load and Overload Scheduling.

At our session on April 18, we received the District’s initial offer for a rollover of the current contract with a fiscal offer plus all articles we have tentatively agreed on so far, with an understanding that we would immediately return to the table to continue negotiating on the remaining items.  We considered that on your behalf, and presented a counter-offer to the District, based on our research into other California Community College Districts that both teams agree would be comparable for a salary comparison.  Those Districts have negotiated raises ranging from 1.57% to 3.65% retroactive to July 1, 2013.  The District is considering our offer.  We also pointed out that even if we came to agreement on a rollover, it would still take until June to ratify the contract with our members since they are busy at the end of the term with finals, research papers, and semester/year wrap-up activities.

Why would we even consider a rollover?  As your negotiation team. we have asked ourselves the same question.  Many key matters we want to finish negotiating would be left unfinished in the rollover settlement.  The answer to that is in the nature of the District’s salary increase offer.  The offer has a retroactive component, but if we don’t settle by June 30 of this year, that offer is off the table.  So we are faced with weighing the opportunity for a retroactive increase on your salary schedule with unfinished negotiations on class size, department chair compensation, and a long list of other important items.  

Our next session is on Friday, April 25.  Stay tuned for an update after that session.


(3/13/14)  Your negotiation team met with district management on February 21 and March 7.  Here is an update of where we are in negotiating our next contract.

New District Chief Negotiator – Since the departure of Deb Hirsh, the District has hired an attorney,  Randy Erickson, to serve as the Chief Negotiator for management for the Spring 2014 semester.  Much of our February 21 meeting was successfully spent getting him up to speed on our process, apprising him of the progress we have made at the table so far, and organizing a plan to address the remaining areas of interest in negotiations for this contract.  Of particular note is that he has been given the ‘Authority to Bargain’ by the Board of Trustees, which will make negotiations proceed much faster.

Evaluations – We have finished negotiating a framework for a revised evaluation process for tenure-track faculty.  We are now working on improved processes for regular (tenured), temporary, categorical, and part-time faculty.

Scheduling – We are negotiating on the interests of faculty rights that also meet student needs, as well as full-time/part-time scheduling issues.

Send us concerns you have regarding the following negotiations issues that are next on our agenda:

Rights of the District –  Are the rights of the District delineated in this article limited by what is negotiated in the other articles in our contract?

Textbook Issues – What should happen when the department agrees to all use a textbook that a single faculty member doesn’t feel will be as effective in producing student success as another text?

Grievance and Arbitration Process – When we are “between contracts” as we are now, should arbitration be an available option for faculty?

Part-Time Faculty Rehire Rights – Is there a way to provide greater job security for part-time faculty and retain management hiring flexibility?

Plus the following money matters that will be on the table at our April meetings –

Class Size – Both the maximum class size for smaller (under 55) and larger (over 54) classes is on the table for re-negotiation.

Health Benefits – We anticipate having a recommendation from the Health Benefits Advisory Committee to review for possible negotiation.

Compensation – We are compiling a list of California Community College Districts that have settled compensation negotiations as part of a salary comparability study.

Department Chair Compensation – CFE’s position is that it is too low and there is a lack of compensation equity amongst the Chairs.

All Other Interests that have a Monetary Component – Several topics will be negotiated, including Professional Development, Duty Days/Flex Days, Loading Factors, Part-Time Faculty Compensation, Contract Education, and Reassigned Time.

Note that tentative agreements are not final agreements and subject to change.  Additionally, the entire contract must be ratified by CFE members and the Board of Trustees before any contractual changes are implemented.

Our next session is March 14, 2014.   Please contact any negotiation team member to provide input.  Direct questions to Dean Mancina, CFE Chief Negotiator, at

Your Team:  Bob Fey, CFE Executive Director; Chris Hamilton, GWC; Ann Holliday, CCC; Dan Johnson, CCC; Marilyn Kennedy, OCC; Dean Mancina, CFE Chief Negotiator; Marcella Norling, OCC; Rob Schneiderman, OCC, Elizabeth Sykes, GWC.

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CFE Supports Re-electing Tom Torlakson This November


On July 31, 2014, Dean Mancina met with California Superintendent of Public Schools Tom Torlakson, pictured here with Newport-Mesa School District Faculty Union President Kimberly Claytor.  Dean discussed budget, accreditation, and full-time/part-time staffing issues with the Superintendent during the one hour meeting.   CFE supports Torlakson’s campaign for re-election this upcoming November.

Trust Advisor, Graham Hawley Offers Deep Discount for Revocable Living Trusts


IMG_8594(2/13/14) On Feb. 12, 2014 Trust Advisor Graham Hawley was CFE’s first guest speaker from the Wednesday Lunch Series. He has offered to extend the deep discount of $400 to CFE Faculty that want a Revocable Living Trust. The fee will be $750, regularly $1,150.

To contact Graham, please call (714) 637-9840 or visit

For more information please visit:

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